I'm the founder of Emblem, a DTC Marketing Agency. We help net-positive DTC brands grow through non-stop social media ads tied to the Profit and Loss.

I’ve had the privilege of leading & executing digital strategies that have generated over $50M in revenue for brand partners I align with. Meaningful net-positive impact. Check out my body of work here.

I write to chronicle my journey and learnings. This includes agency life,  longevity, investing, marketing, psychology. On a journey of chasing the best version of me and to live a good and virtuous life. My aim is to chronicle a body of knowledge with high signal.

Right now I'm really into studying high production advertising from the likes of the Harmon Brothers, Chamber Media, and Maximum Effort and revisiting David Olgivy, the Father of Modern Advertising.

(Updated: Aug 1, 2022. Read More here.)

Mental Models

The Heaven or Hell Heuristic

Courage or Cowardice?That's my Heaven or Hell Heuristic. Whenever I'm in a moment of difficulty, temptation, trials or tribulation, this is
I thought I’d be the last person on a reality show… yet here I am. Last year, I applied to be a part of “The Blox,” a reality competition...
Recently I was scrolling on the Instagram Feed and came across a naked man with his dick blurred out training with Peloton’s technology and
I learned that the antidote to stress, overwhelm and burnout was two sides of a coin. A Yin and a Yang...
All throughout history, energy was the common thread that allowed humans to prosper in exponential fashion.The next evolution in energy...
When looking at the Good Life heuristic, we can measure our quality of life through 3 major pillars, Health, Wealth, and Love. The most im..
I used to believe in free will. Then I didn't. Then I did again. Let me explain. Several years ago I was watching a Philosophy Talk by Firas

Sharing high-fidelity signal in a digital ocean of noise.

Signal can be subjective but I write what I find valueable, meaningful and important to me. Chances, someone else may find it useful too.

Writings to chronicle my journey and learnings on ideas that consume my curiosity. Generally in pillars of health, wealth, love.

Specifically: Agency Life, Longevity, Investing, Bitcoin, Business, Marketing, Psychology & Philosophy.
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