One Mental Model every single week to Live Good & Do Good.

Mental models are mental shortcuts we can lean on when making everyday decisions. It's having elite allies on our team to make sure we don't miss our blind spot.
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Good connecting. I'm Kenny.

I'm the founder Combatant, a Growth Agency for e-commerce, info-product and NFT-native brands. I’ve led and executed digital strategies that have generated over $25M in revenue throughout my career.

I write to chronicle my journey in business & mixed-martial-arts and my fascination of mental models to live good and do good. My aim is to chronicle a body of knowledge that would have been useful to my one year younger version of myself. I hope you'll find it useful as well.

Right now I'm into flipping NFTs.

(Updated: October 24, 2021. Read More here.)


Michael Saylor on the Most Important Thing to Know About Bitcoin

Saylor suggests that BTC massively disrupts how economics operates in the world. Here's his breakdown on why.
Advice on building wealth isn't so straightforward. Often times there's opposing advice. What should you make of it?
In Blackjack there's a heuristic that if we get dealt a specific pair of cards, like two 9's, we ought to "Double Down". This means separati
How can live a good life? The greeks called it Eudaimonia which means "human flourishing". There's one heuristic you can rely on.
The average person lives until they're 85. That means there’s about 4,420 weeks in our lives. Time ticks, so live intentionally.
Living Good is to live your best life. To grow, to spend timed with loved ones, to build. Doing Good is to contribute to others.
Optimizing for a good life, the art of becoming, cheat codes for life, and the king & queen framework.