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I thought I’d be the last person on a reality show… yet here I am. 

Last year, I applied to be a part of “The Blox,” a reality competition show for entrepreneurs. 

Out of 2,000+ applicants, I had the honor of being 1 of 20 contestants selected for Season 3. 

Oh man did that experience punch me  metaphorically in the face.

The premise of the show is entrepreneurs from around the nation live under one roof for a week. We go through an entrepreneurship accelerator bootcamp and compete in point-based pitches & exercises.

The Blox was created by Weston Bergmann, a reality TV show veteran who’s been on The Real World: Austin & The Challenger. He’s the founder of BetaBlox, one of the largest private business incubators in the world. 

So when I applied and got accepted, I was super excited about the opportunity. 

You mean I get to learn from other successful entrepreneurs ahead of me & be around peers who are out in the arena building? Sweet.

To be honest though, when I landed in Kansas City, the whole time I was homesick & wasn’t really “there”.

Instead, I was in introverted hermit mode.

Looking back it was because I wasn’t in alignment with my business. My target market at the time was growing brands owned by MMA Fighters & Martial Artists.

And that was after working with a UFC World Champion. The markets too early, the economics didn’t make sense, & just didn’t light me up anymore.

Hard to compete on a business reality show when I wasn’t 100 with my business. 

That show was shot over a year ago. After reflecting, learning, & iterating, my business now lights me up more than ever.

But I couldn’t have found that without knowing something was off. My experience on the show was a gift. Not the one I wanted but the one I needed.

I’m still growing a marketing agency but now I exclusively partner with net-positive Direct-to-Consumer brands. Brands that leave the world better than they found it.

I’m cringing inside on what could have been shot on camera in the show. Especially since I hold myself to a high standard.

But I guess if I’m not cringing from who I was a year ago, I’m not growing.

Cheers to cringey immortalized content on the internet. 

Cheers to growth.

The Blox: Season 3 is live & available in the Apple app store and Google Play as “The Blox” with all 8 episodes unlocked for free.