Lindy Library

Lindy Library

Sum of Experiences

I believe we’re all shaped by the sum of our many experiences. At the most influential level the biggest factors that shape us includes our families, where we were raised, and who we call our friends.

Among our environment and surroundings, I also believe a big aspect of what goes into developing our world-view is the content we consume.

The books we read.

The movies we watch.

The Facebook Videos and YouTube Videos.

The 60 second Instagram vids and IGTV. The snapchats, tweets and TikToks.

On this page I’ve arranged my favorite content. Some of these are from my favorite authors and thought leaders. Others are personal mentors and teachers of mine.

The medium of content ranges from books to digital courses, tweets to YouTube Videos.

At the core, I follow these individuals deeply because they all represent values and virtues I strive to work towards.I want to share what I’ve learned from these giants that I’ve had the privilege to stand upon.

This page is titled “Lindy Library” because of the Lindy Effect. It’s a term popularized by philosopher Nassim Taleb stating that how long something’s been around is a great indicator of how much longer it’ll last.

In other words timeless material tend to stay timeless. When reading material it pays dividends to revisit the classics. In this case, these are my classics. (Updated: Oct 12, 2019)

Public Material That's Shaped Me

1. What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | Ted Talk

2. Finally Wealthy, Naval Ravikant Two profound lines:

3. One Simple Talk That Will Change Your Life by Tai Lopz

4. “One Life, No Regrets”, “6 Minutes for the Next 60 Years of Your Life”, by Gary Vee

5. “Productivity Advice For The Weird”, Ramit Sethi

6. “A Day With Firas Zahabi”, “Mental Toughness” with Firas Zahabi

7. “How To Get Rich Without Getting Lucky”, Periscope, by Naval

8. Wait But Why [Blog]

9. “Intro to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Part 1 — The History” with Rener Gracie [YouTube]

10. Sam Ovens [YouTube]

11. “Don’t Live In Extremes” by a Monk

12. “On The Shortness of Life” by Seneca

13. “These two men paid over $650,000 for lunch with Warren Buffett—here are 3 things they learned” by Warren Buffett

14. "TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)"

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