Hi I'm Kenny Hoang.

I'm the founder of Emblem, a DTC Marketing Agency that's a growth partner for net-positive challenger brands. We help brands grow through non-stop social media ads tied to the Profit & Loss. I’ve had the privilege of leading & executing digital strategies that have generated over $75M in revenue for brand partners I align with. Meaningful net-positive impact. Checkout my body of work here.

I write to chronicle my journey and learnings. This includes agency life,  longevity, investing, living a good life, marketing, psychology and whatever the beauty of ideas in general 🤓. My aim is to chronicle a body of knowledge with high signal.

I'm into Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, chess, reading.

Right now I'm really into reading and applying Peter Attia's life work on longevity in a book, Outlive. I've been following his Zone 2 protocol (low-intensity cardiovascular training) for the past 18 months. (Updated: June 19, 2023). Read More about what I've really into.

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My goal is to share the institutional knowledge I’ve implemented for clients but also share what I continue to learn along the way. Whether that’s serving you by helping your CMO, in-house marketing team or agency get added insights.

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