Hi I'm Kenny Hoang.

I’m the Founder of Combatant, a Growth Partner for Brands owned by Fighters & Martial Artists. I’ve led and executed digital strategies that have generated over $25M in revenue throughout my career.

I write to chronicle my journey in business & mixed-martial-arts and my fascination of mental models to lead a full life. My aim is to chronicle bits that would have been useful to my one year younger version of myself. I hope you'll find it useful as well.

Right now I’m really into crypto as long term investment and short term investment, combat striking fundamentals and the You’re Gonna Die Fly 20 of 20. (Updated: May 13, 2021).

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My goal is to share the institutional knowledge I’ve implemented for clients but also share what I continue to learn along the way. Whether that’s serving you by helping your CMO, in-house marketing team or agency get added insights.

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