Hi I'm Kenny Hoang.

I'm the founder of Emblem, a DTC Marketing Agency that's a growth partner for net-positive challenger brands. We help brands grow through non-stop social media ads tied to the Profit & Loss. I’ve had the privilege of leading & executing digital strategies that have generated over $50M in revenue for brand partners I align with. Meaningful net-positive impact. Checkout my body of work here.

I write to chronicle my journey and learnings. This includes agency life,  longevity, investing, living a good life, marketing, psychology and whatever the beauty of ideas in general 🤓. My aim is to chronicle a body of knowledge with high signal.

I'm into Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, chess, reading.

Right now I'm really into studying high production advertising from the likes of the Harmon Brothers, Chamber Media, and Maximum Effort and revisiting David Olgivy, the Father of Modern Advertising. (Updated: Aug 1, 2022). Read More about what I've really into.

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My goal is to share the institutional knowledge I’ve implemented for clients but also share what I continue to learn along the way. Whether that’s serving you by helping your CMO, in-house marketing team or agency get added insights.

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