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Random things I'm Into During a Moment in Time

August 1, 2022
Right now I'm really into studying high production advertising from the likes of the Harmon Brothers, Chamber Media, and Maximum Effort. After checking out some interviews, I've heard the challenges of seeking 6 figure to 7 figure production projects. Not as easy of a feat especially when overhead of a team is in play. I've also been revisiting David Olgivy, the Father of Modern Advertising from listening to Founder's Podcast and re reading his books Olgivy on Advertising and Confessions of an Advertising Man.

February 19, 2022
Right now I'm really into learning about Diversification of portfolios like "The Permanent Portfolio", Artemis' "Dragon Portfolio", "The Cockroach Portfolio" or Ray Dalio's "All Weather" Portfolio. Seems to me relying on the legacy 60% stock and 40% bond strategy isn't anti-fragile because it takes into consideration an incomplete economic climate. The 60/40 model was is a relatively new concept from the 1950's. "Legacy" can become outdated quick when only factoring in times where stocks have been in a bull-run. When the complete picture takes into consideration different seasons: growth, recession, deflation, inflation, stagflation (stagnant growth + high inflation).

Add to that the development of "Digital Property" or "Digital Energy" of Bitcoin like Michael Saylor likes to refer to plus censorship, locking of funds and confiscation through Central Bank inflation, investing sure gets more complicated. No wonder it's not likely to "beat" the market. It's damn complicated.

Jan 10, 2022
Right now I'm laser focused at building and iterating on the systems that go into my business. This includes the operational processes for performance creative ideation, sales and reporting.

October 24, 2021
Right now I'm really into flipping NFTs. The fascination continues. I was able to flip a free "mint" for $18k and I reinvested it back into a project called World of Women. Gary Vaynerchuk believes it's a legacy project, Bobby Hundreds believes as NFTs get more popular amongst celebrities and public figures, World of Women will go up. He even introduced Reese Witherspoon and she bought one 3 days ago.

Been also been switching from playing 3 minute Chess Blitz games to 10 minute games on Invested in a "London System" course by Eric Rosen and a beginner's course by Gotham Chess (after accidently buying an intermediate course. Guess I have somewhere to go after I get to intermediate level)

August 26, 2021
Right now I'm really into NFTs. Yesterday I checked the Vee Friends NFT I got back in May 13. I saw I was up about 8x and was tripping out. I ended up binge researching about NFTS. Learning from crypto enthusiast was a great curation after reading 10 of his articles.

It was like downloading a GED on NFTS. I've learned there are "blue chip" NFTS are the ones worth investing in while general feeling is 99.9% of NFTS next couple years will go to 0. Turns out my Vee Friends is a "blue chip" NFT based on OpenSea, a marketplace for NFTs. It's top 10 when looking at MarketCap (3) and Volume All Time (9). From CryptoPunks, Apes to new projects like MetaHero—It's got me FOMO-ing hard. That's human psychology for you.

June 1, 2021
Right now I'm really into playing chess on (I'm 22-26 right now as a beginner. So many blunders and mistakes but I love it), Jiu-Jitsu (I haven't been on the Jiu-Jitsu mat for over 16 months since COVID. I had a brief several months commitment to Zoom Jitsu but I realized learning through Zoom my attention got away from me.

I listened to this podcast that reinvigorated my interest to study again. Must have spent 8 hours looking at Jiu-Jitsu instructional and YouTube videos reviewing techniques and videos on Jiu-Jitsu during Memorial Day. John Danaher: The Path to Mastery in Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Judo, and MMA | Lex Fridman Podcast #182.

May 13, 2021
Right now I’m really into crypto as long term investment and short term investment, combat striking fundamentals and Gary Vee's NFT Vee Friends (I got one of them😬)