Today was my birthday and I asked myself what would be the greatest gift I could receive?

To me, it’s giving.

“Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirsty. -Biggie Smalls

For Biggie it’s sipping on champagne when he’s thirsty.
I’m not on that level yet but man is this a gangster line.

I realized a quarter century doesn’t come around too many times in life so I wanted to share a breakdown of 4 of the most compelling life lessons I’ve learned in the past 25 years.

Technically, I turned 26 and I should have done this last year. But, even though I missed the ball, it’s never too late! I think of this as a chronicling of my thoughts–a kind of video journal for my birthday.

Reflecting on what I’ve learned and sharing the most valuable points I’ve found. It’d be interesting to see what the next quarter century life lesson will look like or even the mile stone of being 30, 40, and onwards.

Here’s what I cover:

1. How to optimize for a good life?

2. The art of becoming and why asking “Who I am” is a limiting question to ask and what question to ask instead?

3. What are the cheat codes in life? This is coming from someone who used cheats codes all the time playing playstation and computer games. In life, they also exist.

4. How we are the Kings & Queens of our time and how to utilize this framework to avoid our primitive brain from telling us we should be miserable instead of happy and fulfilled.

Any of these lessons stand out to you? And what would you add to your own list of life lessons?

Originally Posted: 2018 October 16 at 9:31 pm PST