Fire harnessed thermal energy which gave way to heat to keep hunter and gathers warm, allowed them to cook meat which gave way to increased size of Homosapien's brain, and light to overcome the darkness.

Later on modern humans mastered fire for clearing land, signaling, propulsion, smelting, forging, incineration, cremation, a weapon of destruction, recreation.

Agriculture and Animal Domestication spread chemical energy and allowed the mass consumption of food.

Water harnessed hydraulic and electromagnetic energy which gave way for mass sanitation and cleaning through water channels, transportation by boat that bridged continent by continent, and turning water into steam.

Industrial machines harnessed mechanical energy which turned water into steam which revolutionized transportation, created work leverage through engines and gave way to production of the printing press to spread ideas across the world.

And those are only a fraction of the types of energy we use.

Let's not count out:
Electromagnetic Energy.
Chemical Energy.
Nuclear Energy.
Mechanical Energy.

All throughout history, energy was the common thread that allowed humans to prosper in exponential fashion.

The next evolution in energy is Digital Energy. Bitcoin is that very energy.

Bitcoin's pseudonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto, allowed value to be created through Proof of Work (PoW). Proof of Work allows Bitcoin to be validated through proof of energy being used or burned.

Proof of work is what transmutes electric energy into digital energy.

Humans prosper by channeling energy. Now, what’s the most efficient energy network in the history of the world? Well it’s about to be Bitcoin! —Michael Saylor

With a fixed limit of 21 million Bitcoin validated by cryptographically secured code its scarce and fungible quality is what derives value.

With this technology we can deliver any amount of power, at any frequency, anywhere in time and space, with nearly zero friction. It is smarter, faster, and stronger than mechanical energy, chemical energy, or electrical energy.

For the first time in history, this digital energy is the fastest medium to be able to amass 1 Trillion Dollar in Market Cap in a short 12 year period. The 1 Trillion Dollar Market cap representing monetary energy.

Bitcoin already seized a network that's beginning to rivals tech monopolies, small countries, currencies and asset classes.

With this network effect that's ever-growing, it has an innate anti-fragility that only gets stronger with time.

It's really extraordinary time...If you really to start embracing the idea that this is digital energy. This is the greatest digital transformation of all the digital transformations of the last hundred years.

Note: I categorized Bitcoin in "Investing" but really it's more fitting in "Tech" as an unprecedented a technology. But for visibility in the short-term, Investing is more suitable.